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Sustainability Outlook

Here to make you feel good, and be gentle with our footprint.

Here at Babe Australia, our focus on how our business impacts the environment is a question we ask ourselves every day, and at every touch point in our decision making from choosing our raw materials, through to how we dispose of our general waste. Ultimately our business is in the manufacturing sector, although the manufacturing sector is fraught with practices that can negatively impact the environment across the whole chain, it is paramount for us that we adopt the best possible sustainability practices in our business.   

We respect mother nature, and promise to keep doing everything we can to ensure our grandchildren will continue to enjoy the blessings of the environment in all her glory.

As humans we all yearn to connect with nature - it makes us happy and feeds our soul, and that's why here at Babe a key part of our business decision making is driven by how our choices will ensure we help protect the environment as we continue to work towards our 4 key sustainability goals for our business as a whole rather than just for our products.

These include;

(1) to continue reducing our waste year on year

(2) to continue to improve the guaranteed sustainability of our supply chain

(3) to reduce our omissions year on year

(4) to keep striving to find a way we can apply value improving practices to the way we optimize our energy use in our business by re-using energy through existing processes, or finding opportunities to use energy waste streams (for example capturing heat from the process of blowing bottles and re-using for our candle manufacturing through the wax melt stage).

Some key questions we often get asked;

  • Do you use recycled packaging? We use biodegradable packaging beans as a packaging filler, which can be thrown onto your garden bed or in the compost where they disappear. We use recycled packaging where we can - for example our glass bottles, shipping envelopes, boxes, all paper invoices, and tissue paper. We also re-purpose any packaging that comes into our warehouse including items like bubble wrap, plastic based cushioning and other plastics by adding them as fillers into our outgoing shipments. Where we cannot use recycled packaging, we choose materials that can be recycled for example our PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. Like all manufacturers though, we do have constraints, with one of our packaging vessels proving problematic. Our body scrub packaging is the same packaging used for coffee bags and this style of foiled lined packaging cannot be recycled which has been the cause of much frustration for us. We continue to look for suppliers of a more sustainable option. 
  • What are some other examples of your sustainability commitment? This includes offsetting our carbon emissions for all our export shipments, and the appointment of Pack360 to handle our waste.
  • Are your ingredients ethically sourced? Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world, but our supply chain is currently 100% Australian based - this means we purchase all goods from Australian based companies. Where we can source ingredients locally, we do - for example our macadamia nut oil. Where we source ingredients globally, we make a concerted effort to ethically source where we can – for example our watermelon seed oil harvested by women’s cooperatives in West Africa. 
  • Is the product made/blended in Australia? Yes! Everything is made here in Melbourne.