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BOLD prints - you got this Boo!

May 08, 2020

BOLD prints - you got this Boo!

Why we're loving Aussie fashion label Mazzprints...

A good, bold print should be a staple in every Babe's wardrobe, but making the transaction through to cart can be a big commitment for some of us.

"How do we style said print?"

"Will it look too much?"

"What will the neighbours think?!"

Bold-phobias can sometimes render us so paralysed that we leave the store without delicious sprays of colour and patterns tucked firmly away in our handbag on the way home with us!

One word.


To overcome the styling analysis paralysis that can murder the chance of a sensational print wardrobe addition, we've called in an expert to help us shop and rock a statement print like a BOSS.

Introducing Marie-Jeanne - all round goddess and founder of Aussie fashion label Mazzprints. When we discovered Mazzprints' collection our mouths started watering instantly and our hearts leapt for joy...could Marie-Jeanne's pieces be the perfect way to break our print-phobia tendencies?

Hell yeah!

We sat down with Marie-Jeanne (from afar in iso times) and learned more about her creative process, her tips for styling prints, and discovered how her salubrious pieces found at the intersection of chic design and African print are created.

Haha I get a little nervous about this question every time. I started learning to sew in mid 2016 while in my first year of university doing a Psychology and Business Entrepreneurship degree. I’ve always known I wanted to start a clothing business, but I didn’t have the skills or the budget. At this time, I knew if I wanted to learn how to sew, I'd have to join a sewing class as my mum couldn’t teach me while she was bed-ridden with cancer. Mum was pretty good in running all kinds of apparel businesses including sewing and knitting, but unfortunately she could only watch me try to learn my craft with the help of others. I enrolled in Norwood Sewing School, but I can truly say I learnt much quicker through YouTube tutorials as opposed to attending sewing classes! I am still learning from YouTube depending on what skills I need in order to create what I want to make for my brand. I like it that way because it falls under slow fashion. If it’s a more complex design, I seek guidance from my sewing class teacher, but most of the learning online for free is more cost effective, as I use my personal savings to run the brand.



Oh, thank you! It is a critical process. I buy from Tanzanian merchants who sell already hand dyed cotton fabrics in large meters. During the selection process, they send me pictures of fabrics they have in stock and as I look at each print I visualise what can be made out of it. I tend to choose continuous pattern prints to cater for my customer base. Over time I’ve come to learn what my customers like most and continue to build on this. I also love continuous patterns as they are easy to cut and work with and mould into whatever shape I need without compromising the pattern of the print. It looks more elegant as well, which is my key value I tend to portray in my designs and easy to pair with other neutral gems.



Reusability and sustainable fashion is one of my core values. I love a bold top or skirt that can be paired with your go-to simple denim jean shorts, plain linens or a print fabric that can be worn with your go-to pair of shoes. A printed fabric is worth buying if it can easily be paired with other things you have in wardrobe - I tell this to all my customers when they’re buying anything from my collection. I ask them to visualise the item they want to buy with something they already have at home.

Wearing print shows you know who you are. Clothing is how you introduce yourself to the world before you even utter a word. Also, I tend to wear at least one of my items everywhere I go.


BABE SQUAD PRO TIP* You can do no wrong with a big bold-print full skirt paired with a plain white-T and jacket. Big tick from us.


*image source Pinterest

*image source Pinterest

So many brands actually. Especially European brands like the Russian brand Lesyanabo, which specialises in suits. I started Mazzprints brand because my ultimate goal is to major in making unisex suits in African prints. But for now I get inspiration from Faithfull the brand and other boho brands which are big in Australia. My summer travels in Europe and Asia are also a source of inspiration because you need to be wearing free flowing gorgeous prints to combat heatwaves while still looking gorgeous and stand out from the crowd.






It's more minimalistic. I love a spacious, big windowed home that lets in natural light. I love eastern colourful carpets that I can lay on those hot summer days with a big vase of flowers in a corner.



Si by Giorgio Armani.


A winter photoshoot for the designs I have made all throughout quarantine! 


Scandinavia especially Sweden. Nature there is breathtaking.




That I actually love the slowdown. I’ve loved the quietude on the road, on the beach etc. I’ve learnt that solace can heal parts we didn’t even know were hurting.








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